Competition Project: 2015
Instructor: Zhang Rui
Teamwork: with Li mu, Sun Yixian, Wang Chu
Building Area: 10,000m²
Location: Wuhan, China






In this Project, I planned to apply the regional architecture characteristics to modern architecture, and interpret them in a modern way. Two main elements were emphasized– Transition space and continuous circulation formed by ramps. The inner lobby was connected with exterior space by ramps, transition space itself is the boundary. Main function areas were arranged in transition space formed by ramp. People’s feeling of staying inside or outside are vague and uncertain.


Geography and Climate Characteristics in Wuhan


Space under Overhang (left) & Eaves (right) in traditional buildings


Space under Overhang (left) & Eaves (right) in modern buildings

Transition Space(arcade and eaves gallery) between exterior space and interior space is common in traditional folk dwellings in Wuhan due to its climate characteristics—rainy and hot in summer, the sunlight is strong so it needs inter space to weaken strong sunlight and at the same time provide shelters for extreme weather. Grey space defined by eaves connects exterior space to interior space.



Transition Space in Folk Dwellings


Various Forms of Transition Space

The protruded ramp in buildings is both “Roof” and “Floor” at the same time, its property is vague, forming the transition space between interior and exterior space, as a result, blur the boundary.


Potential Boundary in Different Weather Conditions

Feeling of enclosure and the boundary is various corresponding to different weather, in rainy days the rainfall makes potential boundary the strongest, for it impedes activities like going outside and coming inside, while in sunny days, the thick shadow casted by sunlight can also imply the boundary, but this imply is weaker than former. When there is just a protrude, the feeling of enclosure is the weakest.

Sunlight & Brightness Control in Space Corresponding to
Various Functions and Space Property


Extract the main function areas and rearrange them in line, some of the function areas are broken into several pieces and intersected in between different function areas. Besides the specific route defined by the continuous ramp, there are random wandering route due to the intersect of vertical connection–stairs.


Combination of Various Gradients and Functions





Second Floor


Third Plan


Section Perspective