Academic Project: 2014
Instructor: Dai Lu
Individual Work
Building Area: 3000m²
Location: Tianjin, China





The site here is used to be Italian concession, in which many buildings featured by Italian building style were well preserved. The peculiarity of this location was resulted from its unique history context and city texture. The scale of buildings, streets along with the relationship between them are well designed so that they form comfortable urban space. Therefore, outside space is an important element in this location. During my process of hotel design, I emphasized the relationship between interior(solid), exterior(void) and grey space and also responded to the city texture and original scale.


Reverse between Solid(black) and void(white), they are enclosed & defined with each other

Solid enclosure/façade limits the void space – simultaneously – the void defines the solid mass along with the form of a building, which makes the solid become “solid” and meaningful

The pattern and ratio of elevations of buildings in this area are quite typical, from the research on the existed ratio of these buildings, the module relationship among them could be recognized and summarized, which are analysed in detail in the following.


Compare the simplified masses and get the basic module relationship of them, all of them could be embedded into the grid of 6m*6m.


There are different types of the enclosure of void space, through these various boundaries between buildings and void space, the relationship between them can be easily observed.




Ground Floor



Prototypes of Space Defined by Solid Rooms and Void Courtyards