Academic Project: 2016
Instructor: Zhao Jinsong
Individual Work
Site Area: 33,500m²
Building Area: 10,000m²
Location: Tianjin, China




I tried to explore a subtle connection in a disordered form in this project. There is a strong and regular pattern around the site, while makes the campus space boring and lose its attraction. Therefore, a “disordered” form was taken to deal with this problem. Student Activity Center is supposed to be the center of attraction around the site, and the attraction comes from the tension of contrast of form between it and its surroundings.

The surroundings are highly ordered, so the activity center is supposed to be disordered; The surrounded buildings are thick and massive, so the project is supposed to be light some and transparent.


Site Plan



Ground Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan




Structural on top of Lobbies


Folded roof



Second floor with”8″-like circulation



1st floor with hollow out skin





Section I-I


Section II-II



Interior Perspective View