Romance: Back to Future

Proposal for Shinkenchikusha, 2020












HYBRID: A hybrid co-living house/community that including both self-owned living units and single rooms open to public for their booking to use. This project aims to explore a new method to define a hybrid house experimentally.


SIMULACRA OF MODERN CITY: Both spatially and functionally, space property as well as people’s perception varies in different scale and density of space in a modern city. In this project, functionally, bar and restaurant, along with cafe, those commercials in a city are introduced in. Acting as a mini city, this hybrid house is trying to provide a more complex spatial experience when you wandering from one end to another — from wide to narrow, clear to ambiguous, sometimes get lost in the labyrinth of those high-density wall pieces at one end.


THE PRIMITIVES: Surrounded by plants, surreally, people’s sensibility may tell the illusion — they are in a forest, it is an experimental residence attempt somehow call up a sense of primitives. Instead of rectilinear floor and roof, waved ones are introduced into building system to realize more organic landscape scenarios. The “Supergreen” here comes from the space organization itself, which is more of a strategy, a new method of co-living.


NEO PRIVATE-PUBLIC: Normally there are still relatively public area inside a living unit such as living room, kitchen, restroom, readings…, except for the absolutely private space — bedroom. This proposal is trying to pull out these relatively public areas inside a living unit, making it a sharing place in community, which as a result enhance the space utilization efficiency.