Juxtaposition and Deconstruction

Staring Backwards into Classics from Future

A New Typology of Visual Art Gallery for Classical-Modern Florence

Honorable Mention: Archasm Competition 2020 — Visual Art Gallery Design in Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence

Collaborated with Qianqian Song


Inspired by abstract and Avant-Garde art, Spatialization of avant-garde work is taken as the method of forming space prototype, which creates an uncertain path with scenes composed from fragments.

Being accessible to not only wealthy people but homeless at the same time, this gallery is regarded as both a plaza gathering the whole public and a neo-palace for art, which allows everyone engaging into the process of curation.

Visitors are not just viewers, they are part of the art scenarios and seen simultaneously when they see the exhibits in this open multi-layered space.

Introducing digital methods such as VR/AR, visitors are provided with a “physical-digital” immersive experience which blurs the separation between the viewer and the art object that is on display.

Containing an open theatre, the gallery is multi-functionalized that could be used for performance/performance art, in which publics are not only passive receiver of art, but the creator.



Non-linear; Narrative; Engagement; Avant-Garde; Cyberpunk-art.



Inspired by abstract and Avant-garde art, three-dimensional spatialized paintings as prototype for the proposed new type of visual art gallery in Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence — Art itself should be part of the concept, not just a visual object in an architectural space, addressing the question raised up in the competition’s statements.