Inflated Pixelation


With the combination of physical model and projection, the theme of this project which aims to simulate the grow-up process of natural objects could be realized;

There are 2 types of contrast in the project.
On one hand, the contrast of figure is realized by showing 2 different status such as partition and joining together, integrated and segmented mass.
On the other hand, the project focuses on the contrast between rigid materials like plastics and soft materials like silicon, which formed the frameworks and inflated parts of the object respectively.

Robotic arms provide motions simulating the relative motion between two geometry, which represents the meaning only in one dimension. The movement is greatly inspired by some natural process. Limited by real time and materials, it is impossible to revive it completely.
Motion of robotic arms and inflation of silicon is not controlled by any program, instead, robotic arms and physical model create a system that collaborate with human, through some extension devices, such as leap motion, controller and augmented reality.

Projection added abundant details on our object, such as how plants grow and spread, how materials fission and how everything turns to ashes. Besides, projection provide us a new perspective to understand the divergence on rigid material and soft material.