Workshop Project: 2015
Instructor: Feng Gang (TJU),
Ben Refuerzo (UCLA)
Individual Work







The development of society and architecture is hinted and directed by human beings’ original dream and the end of development is somewhat overlapped with it

The generation and outcome of this form of the subject was based on the analysis of existing problems in present-day society, such as the lackness of land , insulation from nature, even depression resulted from living and working in “concrete cages” all day. This subject provided a suggestion and solution to mitigate these problems– on one hand, land are enriched by being “copied” and lifted above, on the other hand, nature is diffused and combined with human beings’ life again. I tried to connect the future accompanied by developed technology with human beings’ original dream. We all came from the nature, and will go back to the nature in the remote future.


People lived in separated houses in the past with nature. As the land became densely populated, people had to condense their residential space and gathered in high-rise.


Development of Root system of plants and the preservation of water (lake or pool)demand huge capacity, existing structure cannot fulfill the requirement, therefore, curved surface is generated.


Parallel dislocation of floors guarantees enough vertical space for trees’ growing up and each level could obtain enough sunlight. Different level of platforms are connected by vertical transportation.


To break the insulation from nature, people could insert green space into skyscraper and imitate diverse landscapes. While the existing structures will be challenged.

Each level of platform could be regarded as a village. People are liberated from closed and narrow “concrete cages” and hugged by nature again.



From Original Dream to Future Life



Typical Plan System


Typical Plan





Zoom In – Residential Area Detail Plan



Summer View

House Area, surrounded by forest and lawn.
People relax and have fun outside,
smelling the smell of summer.


Winter View

House Area coverred by snow in winter.
Less people have outdoor activity,
staying home with family.