Studio Project: 2017
Instructor: Guvenc Ozel, Ben Ennemoser
Teamwork: with Lu Zhang









Under the topic of assemblage, our tackling reality is Perception.

With several basic elements plugged in each other in 4 scales, the project could be read out differently from multiple perspectives. The specific shape of single element allows the endless design process and the whole structure to grow infinitely. The shape was generated and influenced by Iso-surface that controlled by charge points, VR gesture and Gravity. The combination of those methods provides the prerequisite of the transfer through virtual reality and physical world, which is our ambition.

Moreover, we used different materials including sprayed black mdf panel, transparent acrylics and reflective materials, through which the scene far away could be reflected on the project, which makes it like a collage and then creates an illusion.



A highly abstract and conceptual project. A research of cooperation between digital forms and fabrication. And how can people interact with the forms through VR


Workflow of the Project

Consisting of Grasshopper, Unity, VR, and Robotic Arm



Form Development Progress

There are 3 iterations in different dimensions and 5 types of units in total. The generation of them based on the principle of Fractal System.


Isosurface — To Control the Whole Shape of the Assemblage

The whole shape of the project is controlled by Isosurface– Single units are flowed onto the surface and their connections could be re-arranged corresponding with the change of shape of isosurface, which is controlled by grasshopper


People Interacting with the Project through VR Set