Academic Project: 2016
Instructor: Feng Gang
Individual Work
Building Area: 12m²




An exploration of transformation of space with convertible elements in architecture. The furniture itself is supposed to be structural element at the same time. There are 5 different functions that occupy the same space(five functional spaces are condensed and overlapped into one specific space, through the rotation and re-arrangement of the convertible elements, students are able to re-define the property of the space.

Meanwhile, this project provided opportunities to consider the property of materials and construction details in a large scale.


Condensing and Overlapping the 5 main function that architecture stutents demand into a cube measured by 3m*4m*3.8m. With the convertible components, it can realize the switch between different functions. In this way, all 5 functions could be included.


Human Modular in Elevation


Rotatable Elements


Two Different End Status


Section Perspective


Various Plan Corresponding to Different Functions in Different Time





Exhibition & Review (combination of two cubes)


Exhibition & Review




Work & Sleep


How to Build It Quickly Somewhere?