Midsummer Night Dream

— Reuse the Fallen Church (Chiesa Diruta)

Collaborated with Qianqian Song

Proposal for the competition Reuse Italy, 2021


In front of the unknown and incomplete, we architects would rather leave it to the wild imagination of spectators than attempt to complete its appearance in a representational method through the Architects’ limited conjecture. It will then remain there abstractly forever, with physical parts in real space, the rest of infinite possibility being alive in mind. Once visitors step into the Chiesa Diruta relic along with their imaginations of its original figure, it is then completed, in a variety of ways. The Beauty of “Unknown”, that is, the missing part of the statue “Venus”, which endowed mystery, emotion and charm to this art piece with infinite imagination.

We propose a modest method in terms of space restoration, which maintains the feel of history and that the church as a relic as much as possible. We reuse the Fallen Church as a concert hall while keeping the church’s original space characteristics. Together yet different from the bold and solid remaining, which survived several earthquakes over centuries, the fresh and free new parts grow from the relic, like flowers are planted on the ruins. We hope this spiritual space could be flourish and become a monument again nowadays as it was in the past. Meanwhile, we attempt to “control” the presentation of space subjectively, which is common in films, through introducing different types of light as well as projection.