Resume_Yu Zhang_2019


Yu Zhang completed her undergraduate study of Architecture in Tianjin University, Tianjin, China, where she spent her first five-year opening the door of architecture.  She will appreciate TJU and the professors there who inspired and beacon her forever. She finished her study in M.Arch II in University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA) and received the Master’s Degree in June, 2018.

She who’s kind of a romanticist and idealist, loves everything of beauty.

Yu is currently working/living in New York, on her way chasing and trying to express herself.


To some degree, Architecture will reflect the architect’s personality trait. At the very beginning, I did not recognize the commonality throughout my projects, while when I prepared my portfolio and began to review them in their entirety, some subtle internal relation emerged —- I am always trying to avoid the force that acts on the form of Architecture, instead, pursuing the beauty of Freedom and Lightness. This kind of Lightness consists of not only light material but also the lightness of manipulation method. I hope people in the architecture could feel the freedom, so that they obtain the possibility to dimly feel the poetry in life. I focused more on the form and atmosphere of architecture at the beginning.

While along with my study process in the field of architecture, I began to shift my eye on the social meaning of architecture. I will notice the relation between it and the society , and put it back to the historical background, which includes politics and economy environment, productivity and industrial development.

Each different architecture people entered is just like different stories, in which they will have diverse space experience, I hope to inspire people to feel the beauty in their lives through my projects.